Each issue has an interview; on the inside back cover, with a prominent individual from the industry.

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Here are some of the interviews that we have included in more recent issues of the publication:

  • "Attard's View" – Professor David Attard (Director, IMO International Maritime Law Institute, Malta.) (Vol 8 (1))
  • "The World is my Stage" – Professor Martin Davies (Tulane Law School) (Vol 8 (2))
  • "An Independent Spirit" – Spyros Polemis (Chairman of ICS and Director of Seacrest Shipping) (Vol 8 (3)).
  • "Moscow Mover" – Sergei Lebedev (Institute of International Relations, Moscow, Maritime Arbitration Commission) (Vol 8 (4))
  • "A matter of Calculated Risk" – Mark Edmondson ( Chairman of Joint Hull Committee , Underwriter, Chubb) (Vol 9 (2))
  • "From South to North" – Paul Jennings (`North of England P&I Association) (Vol 9(3)).
  • "Breaking the Ice: an Arctic Challenge – Koji Sekimizu (Secretary-General IMO) (Vol 9 (4)).
  • "The future is electronic" – Alex Goulandris (CEO essDocs) (Vol 10 (1)).
  • A Tribute to Professor William Tetley by Professor Martin Davies (Tulane University) (Vol 10 (2)).
  • "Judicious Perspective' – an interview with Sir Bernard Eder (Vol 10 (3)).

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