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It has been a feature of the publication for many years to include articles on scientific and technical issues, in clear user-friendly language, that provide insight, information and background understanding to lawyers, marine insurers and others. For samples of articles from previous issues please follow the appropriate link.

Here are some of the articles that we have included in more recent issues of the publication:

  • Common causes of container loss or damage (Colin Barker and Peter Nicholson (TMC) (Vol 8(1)).
  • Factors that may affect the performance of a ship that may be overlooked in speed and consumption claims (Captain John Stone, C.F.Spencer & Co Ltd). (Vol 8(2)).
  • Record-keeping in the light of modern technical developments (Captain Fraser Spencer (C.F. Spencer & Co Ltd) (Vol 8 (3)).
  • Ventilation and dunnage (Dave Anderson, Brookes Bell) (Vol 8 (4).
  • Anti-corrosion coatings and their associated risks in relation to ballast tanks for newbuilding vessels (Raouf Kattand and Lynda Speed, Safinah Ltd). (Vol 8(4)).
  • Steel repair costs and the pitfalls of relying on basic quoted price (Richard Gordon, C.F. Spencer & Co Ltd) (Vol 9(1).
  • Changes in offshore oil and gas sector and the increased risk profile (Peter Baggaley (LOC, London, ) (Vol 9 (2)).
  • Liquefaction of mineral ore cargoes - changes to the IMSBC Code (Daniel Sheard (Brookes Bell) (Vol 10 (1)).
  • Seed Cake and IMSBC Code - Daniel Sheard (Brookes Bell) (Vol 10 (2)).

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